Welcome to my lovely blog, and please be one of my stalkers >_< ngeee~

~Segmen 2 : Bloglist June~

Assalamualaikum suma...!!
haaa..buzy2.. buzy year. hehehe.
hmm ni oun buzy g nieh tp hehehehe sje check2 blog..
ade pape jd x...
n there's this wonderful person tag me to join a segmen..
hehehe...so pika nk join la ni...

so ok2.. ni la banner nya..heheh

---->Click Here<----

so tag2 time.
--> Qiela 
--> Cha
---> Ela

Besure to join! expiry date dia 01/06/2012 tepat kol 10. hehehhe

Pika y asyik buzy.


hai2 ho2..
yes. i know i've been missing for the pass few weeks.
heee...but i have reasons for tht. i got busy.
got stuck with my job thing.
im so tired. so when ever i want to updated my blog.
i cant get up. i was so sleepy. hehehehe
so yeah. thts my reasons.
im sorry my bloggy n my stalkers.
i promise as soon as im ok.
im fine, the internet is ok, im not tired,
then i will updated some more..
theres so much i wanted to put on my blog
its just i dont have the time.
argh. i hate it when i didn't have time for my blog.
ok. see ya around!!

oh yaa...
maybe for this another few weeks,
i wont be updating anything,
still busy my fwen.
right now im so tired but i miss my blog and my stalkers.
good night..
sweet dreams..

~Its May!~

hai2 ho2..
hehehehe... pejam celik pejam celik da bln mei.
hehehehe...its may!!
ok what's new for me..hmmm
aha!! hehehhehe...
i finally wear my pink uniform.!! hehehehe
my pink nurse uniform. huhuuu

owh ya... i think i like being a nurse.
maybe i can make it my career..hehehehe
its fun, different, and best!

haaa......but the only problem is right now,
im sick again. hahaha...
maybe im not use to work like this.
hehehe.. but i'll recover soon.
its been weeks i have this flu. 

k see ya guys! i'll update soon..!

love sick by pika,

~Exclusive Giveaway By Cik Bunny~


BUNNY!!! cute right hehehehe....
miss bunny invite pika ke giveaway nye...hehehehe
its an honor to be one of ur contestants.
hehehehe... mcm best jek!
hmmmm even xmenang mne2 giveaway b4 ni. tp still!
semangat tu kne ade. hehehehe
ok2 stop mumbling pika.
so here it is!! the banner that all of u been waiting 4. hehehe

<3----->click here<----<3

syarat2 ny sgt2 la simple. hehehehe.
 so interested? just follow the instruction. heeee
ok la. pika nk tag2 org la. hehehe.

Lots of love from,

Giveaway ini dianjurkan oleh Inspire Bunny ditaja bersama NMA Shop, Butikpinkku, Bunny Inspired dan Heart Inspiration (boutique) 

~1st Contest by Akma , Wany & Mira~

hehehe...hai2 ho2!
My blog sis just tag me to enter this fantastic contest!
i hope my cute2 blog(hahaha perasan je lbh) ok2.. hehehe
hope my blog could win this contest..
haaaa....i've work hard on my blog. hehehe
but im still working on my header. 
ok2 now its tiem for....
the BANNER!!!

 ----->click here<-----

hehehe...k now tag2 time!

Lovely blogger,