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SNSD - Flower Power!!!!



Have you seen SNSD's new song????

Flower Power!!

Click Me!!

seriously the best!!

honestly at first i don't really like it.
i don't know why..
maybe because i miss korean more than japanese.. ^ ^
but i said to myself "no! i must like this song. its SNSD!!!"
so i watched it the second time and until now i can't take it of my mind!!!

haaaa... i love them!!!

here is the lyrics


(with individual parts)
[Tiffany] Hikari to yami no mayonaka weekend
Dancing floor scream and shout sekira de human nature
[Taeyeon] Kawasu suisen wo me to me keiki no border
Asobi de sagaseta koi wa adabana
[Hyoyeon] Ah ah ah [Sooyoung] I’m not gonna
[Hyoyeon] Ah ah ah [Sooyoung] I’m not gonna
[Sunny] Nari ni koto beat Mimi mo kanda cheers I’m telling you adabana
[Jessica] Aketeta yume atte miru na no ne Do you wanna be my lover
[Seohyun] Tsukiagete kirameita glass wall
Musuu no awa ga kage ya gaaru
[Yoona] Hajikete wa kiete yuku koi wo
Mabushiku raito de terashita
[All] Dare mo ga butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Amai kaori to flavor (Oh flavor flower)
Butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Kokoro madowasu color (Oh color flower)
Flower, [Yoona] hakanaku koi ga
Flower, [Seohyun] ayashiku saita
[Taeeyon] Kamen wo shite jibun keshite tadashita human nature
[Seohyun] Hontou no jibun ga dance yami wo saita laser
[Sunny] Atte ni narenai ga dekinai do you know adabana
[Jessica] Ano ko ni mo smile hito nomi wo serve Do you wanna be my lover
[All] Do you wanna be my lover
Do you wanna be my lover
[Yuri] Tsukiagete kirameita glass wall
Musuu no awa ga kage ya gaaru
[Sooyoung] Mukitou na kansei no uzu wo
Mabushiku raito terashita
[All] Dare mo ga butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Amai kotoba no wana (Oh flavor flower)
Butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Wana ni kakatta free mo wana (Oh color flower)
Flower, [Yuri] Tokimeite ima
Flower, [Jessica] Ayashiku saita
[Sunny] Hito ni yotte yuraruteitai
[Tiffany] Don’t stop DJ kono mama all night
[Hyoyeon] Wasuretai wa hibi no zenbu
[Taeyeon] Me ni mienai hane nobashi teki
[All] Dare mo ga butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Amai kaori to flavor (Oh flavor flower)
Butterfly butta spider (Yeah ahh)
Kokoro madowasu color (Oh color flower)
Flower [Yoona] Hakanaku koi ga
Flower [Seohyun] Ayashiku saita
Flower [Yuri] Tokimeite ima
Flower [Jessica] Ayashiku saita
Translation Credits: jda95
Romanizations by: kpoplyrics.net

Snsd Fever,


~Tetris Battle on Facebook!~


Hi guys!!! hi girls!!

hehehehe....ok now i got the time to update ma blog!!!!
yay!!! hurraaayyyy!!!
clap2... ^ ^

!..........thank you........!

ok2 stop2 NOW its time...
for Tetris Battle on Facebook!
woooo.....seriously best Gillerrrrrrr!!

yay!!! i won the game!! im in first place!
k tau tak nak main macam mana?
k 1st da start ikut sahaja tuto nya..
nanti boleh la faham.
alah senang je...

tekan start...

k ready....... ur right hand put on the - up down right left key.
your left hand put in the - space bar key 

ok go!!! play time yo!
and if you lose the game, it will take your star..
how many star it depends on the game..
the more you get hit and die or K.O,
your star will be taken more.

haaa....i know its not enough information,
but go check it for your self...
best tau... hehhehehehe

k la.. now the time is 
2.30 am. yes its late. so tata!!

^ ^ my eyes sleepy already.

from the sleepy head Pika,

~hi!! its been like forever~

Halo my precious bloggy. 

haaa....its been like forever i didn't update anything to you.
the reason why is..

heee... i've been so so so like sooooo~
busy these few weeks. no2 these few months..
doing chores..


as a nurse..

hehehehe...it not that easy you know..
kinda tried..

oh2 and more thing is that because i don't have laptop
to update u. haha.

haaa...my lil sis borrow mine.

so yeah thats about it.
if i have the time and laptop..
i'll update u!!!


good bye now..
sorry for any typo error. 

<(>.<)> .  /(>o<)\ . ~(^_^)~

Love Pika ,

~Segmen 2 : Bloglist June~

Assalamualaikum suma...!!
haaa..buzy2.. buzy year. hehehe.
hmm ni oun buzy g nieh tp hehehehe sje check2 blog..
ade pape jd x...
n there's this wonderful person tag me to join a segmen..
hehehe...so pika nk join la ni...

so ok2.. ni la banner nya..heheh

---->Click Here<----

so tag2 time.
--> Qiela 
--> Cha
---> Ela

Besure to join! expiry date dia 01/06/2012 tepat kol 10. hehehhe

Pika y asyik buzy.


hai2 ho2..
yes. i know i've been missing for the pass few weeks.
heee...but i have reasons for tht. i got busy.
got stuck with my job thing.
im so tired. so when ever i want to updated my blog.
i cant get up. i was so sleepy. hehehehe
so yeah. thts my reasons.
im sorry my bloggy n my stalkers.
i promise as soon as im ok.
im fine, the internet is ok, im not tired,
then i will updated some more..
theres so much i wanted to put on my blog
its just i dont have the time.
argh. i hate it when i didn't have time for my blog.
ok. see ya around!!

oh yaa...
maybe for this another few weeks,
i wont be updating anything,
still busy my fwen.
right now im so tired but i miss my blog and my stalkers.
good night..
sweet dreams..

~Its May!~

hai2 ho2..
hehehehe... pejam celik pejam celik da bln mei.
hehehehe...its may!!
ok what's new for me..hmmm
aha!! hehehhehe...
i finally wear my pink uniform.!! hehehehe
my pink nurse uniform. huhuuu

owh ya... i think i like being a nurse.
maybe i can make it my career..hehehehe
its fun, different, and best!

haaa......but the only problem is right now,
im sick again. hahaha...
maybe im not use to work like this.
hehehe.. but i'll recover soon.
its been weeks i have this flu. 

k see ya guys! i'll update soon..!

love sick by pika,

~Exclusive Giveaway By Cik Bunny~


BUNNY!!! cute right hehehehe....
miss bunny invite pika ke giveaway nye...hehehehe
its an honor to be one of ur contestants.
hehehehe... mcm best jek!
hmmmm even xmenang mne2 giveaway b4 ni. tp still!
semangat tu kne ade. hehehehe
ok2 stop mumbling pika.
so here it is!! the banner that all of u been waiting 4. hehehe

<3----->click here<----<3

syarat2 ny sgt2 la simple. hehehehe.
 so interested? just follow the instruction. heeee
ok la. pika nk tag2 org la. hehehe.

Lots of love from,

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~1st Contest by Akma , Wany & Mira~

hehehe...hai2 ho2!
My blog sis just tag me to enter this fantastic contest!
i hope my cute2 blog(hahaha perasan je lbh) ok2.. hehehe
hope my blog could win this contest..
haaaa....i've work hard on my blog. hehehe
but im still working on my header. 
ok2 now its tiem for....
the BANNER!!!

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hehehe...k now tag2 time!

Lovely blogger,

~ Parents First ~

haaiiiiiiii2!! heeee...
ehem2 alhamdulillah pika da dpt gaji!!!

hehehehe....alhamdulillah la bulan ni byk skit dpt.
And......of course 1st gaji mest la nk bg kt parents!!

ummi and ayah happy sgt2. pika pun happy..
da lama nk rasa bg umi and ayh wet hasil titik peluh 
sndri. doesn't it feels great!!

haaaa....next month i will be giving them again...
hehehehehe... insyaallah if dpt tiap2 bln nilai wet pika
bg makin meningkt la.. dpt la kurangkn beban umi ayh..

haaaaa....esok pika keja pagi so i'll better be goin to bed. nnt ngantok!
hahahhaa... k good night n sweet dreams everybody!!

Good night yaLL,