Welcome to my lovely blog, and please be one of my stalkers >_< ngeee~

~hi!! its been like forever~

Halo my precious bloggy. 

haaa....its been like forever i didn't update anything to you.
the reason why is..

heee... i've been so so so like sooooo~
busy these few weeks. no2 these few months..
doing chores..


as a nurse..

hehehehe...it not that easy you know..
kinda tried..

oh2 and more thing is that because i don't have laptop
to update u. haha.

haaa...my lil sis borrow mine.

so yeah thats about it.
if i have the time and laptop..
i'll update u!!!


good bye now..
sorry for any typo error. 

<(>.<)> .  /(>o<)\ . ~(^_^)~

Love Pika ,