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~Tetris Battle on Facebook!~


Hi guys!!! hi girls!!

hehehehe....ok now i got the time to update ma blog!!!!
yay!!! hurraaayyyy!!!
clap2... ^ ^

!..........thank you........!

ok2 stop2 NOW its time...
for Tetris Battle on Facebook!
woooo.....seriously best Gillerrrrrrr!!

yay!!! i won the game!! im in first place!
k tau tak nak main macam mana?
k 1st da start ikut sahaja tuto nya..
nanti boleh la faham.
alah senang je...

tekan start...

k ready....... ur right hand put on the - up down right left key.
your left hand put in the - space bar key 

ok go!!! play time yo!
and if you lose the game, it will take your star..
how many star it depends on the game..
the more you get hit and die or K.O,
your star will be taken more.

haaa....i know its not enough information,
but go check it for your self...
best tau... hehhehehehe

k la.. now the time is 
2.30 am. yes its late. so tata!!

^ ^ my eyes sleepy already.

from the sleepy head Pika,