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isnt he is the cutes!!!
he is really special to me..his name is mohammad khairul dulmi.
i admire him so much!! dia ni pandai, independent, mature, teliti, sgt2 berbakat in arts, he likes korean...theres so many things that is special about him..
anyway we meet each other time kteowg bru ja msuk iic...
dia nmpk innocent sgt2...cute!!! huhu..
at first he n his friend dont believe tht im from sabah..ahahaha
coz pika half sbh, half kl. heeee...ayh ku org kl..
pika ley ckp kl n sbh...huhu da2 enough about me...k continue lama sda kami knl2...pika dlu y konpest pika ska dia...xlama dia trima..then on 5th of november 2009..dia mintak couple.. in the middle of the KLCC park!!! my gosh!!! hehehe...alhamdulillah...now kami da sthn lbh bersama...
happy couple!!!