Welcome to my lovely blog, and please be one of my stalkers >_< ngeee~

yay!! time for the pictures! aha!

hai guys!! haaa....im back!! so its time for the picture!! yeah bebeh. hehehehe.. ok jom kita tgk ya..
smlm kn pika da ckp nk bg tgk gmbr kn. so... drum roll please... drrrruuummmm..... cing!! heeee

tadaaaa!!! this is the pictures... hehehehe

this is my lil sis. (aqilah) hehehe

hehe n here's me with my best friend (cehah)

and for the grand finale hehehehe...me n my future hubby!! insyaallah.. hehehehe
i love u syg!!!! nyaaaa~
hehehe.. hmm not much to talk about our hangout but hey! at least there's some pictures u can look at. lol.
owh ya. n i look seriously weird on that pashmina but still i wear it. someday i will wear it just like the way my sis wears it.. haaaa.... one day.