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Sagu Berendam Muda


hahaha....today i want to do..erm not to do but to post something different.
heeee.... i want to show you guys how to make this.
no not this.
but this. look below gurl. hahahaha.

ok2...its a joke..haaa...you have to see and READ all this nonsense. hahaha
ok its not nonsense. its fact! :)

 ok...today im going to show you guys, how to make 



heeeee....it looks delicious right...right..
ok...this isn't my recipe. i didn't make it..
my beloved sister did it. :)

ok 1st! what you need is.
of course 'SAGU'!!

2nd. you need 'GULA MELAKA'

3rd. you need 'SUSU CAIR'


 hehehe...ok then how to make it. 
- Cuci sagu tu dulu.
- Rebus sagu smpi hlg putih die. smpi da jd jernih.
kacau je. jgn bia nnt melekat n tebakar. huhuu
da jd jernih, ttp api n bia kn dlu.
- Kikis gula melaka n letak lam frying pan cair kn dgn tambah air sikit. 
da tu ltk dlm mangkuk.
- Buka susu cair ltk dlm bekas y cantk. hehehehe. 

haaaa....its time to eat.
eh! no no. not yet. its not done yet. 
amek mangkuk, amek sikit sagu, ltk susu cair and ltk gula melaka tok rase manis sket.
hehehe. nk lg sedap! hehehe ltk ais. mmmm seriously the best!!!

try then. ngeeee~
Love you guys!,