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K-pop & I-pop again?

im back again to tell you that hehehe.
this blogging is kinda the continues of the last blog entry i made.
its about the I-POP thing? heeee.

i've checked most of their videos and found out that one of the 'I-POP' band 
actually copied  SNSD's song. OMGusshhhy!. hahaha. i thought they made their own songs and didn't even 'stole' any thing from 'K-POP' artist. haa...but sadly they did. im not actually a fan of their band but yeah some of their original songs kinda good. hahaha.

SNSD forever!!
and is SONE saw the cherry belle stole snsd's music kissing you.
they'll be dead meat. ok im not being rude but it true.and im one of them. 

but im a person that likes to relax. eventhough many bands already stole some of snsd's music but still because of that snsd gain more and more fans. not just because they can sing, dance, act but also they are the original!. hehehehehe.

SNSD lover,