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K-pop & I-pop?

haaiii2 hoho...!!! im back ya'll! ^_^
today i wanted to share to you guys what i've discovered last evening. I-POP!
my friend introduce me another 'k-pop' I-POP wannabe. ok2. no they're not wannabe.
hmmm some of their part yes. kinda similar to korean kpop. 

same but different.

heeee...here is my opinion. their dress is kinda look alike like kpop dress.
their style almost the same for some of the band it self. some of it looks ALMOST the same as korean fashion but. argggh!!! what am i saying. hahahaha. the conclusion is they got inspired by korean fasion. hahahaha.

the songs. for me they do have some potential at some point. 
their songs good. they didn't copy any of the korean songs or any band.
(at some of the band that i've checked,  the band didn't copy anthing. if they did. sorry for the wrong info. hahaha. i didn't checked all.)
wanna know what band that i've checked? huhuh

for CHERRY BELLE (CHIBI) i like their 'Dilema' song.
7 icons their 'jealous' song.
and those two bands i don't really like their song.
don't hate me for dislike their song. heee..
everyone has different taste right. hahaha. you should checked them out.
BUT. haaaa... bare the comments. heee..

Singing Yo!