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ok! haa...lps berfikir lma2... hmm apa la tajuk or entri y ptt pika
msukkn lam blog pika pd mlm ni..
pika cri pnya cri.. haaaa!! i found it! best of the best!!! hehehe
I have addicted to something. 
something that is the best!! for me of course.
OMGushhy! seriously i think i have problem with this 'addicted
to things' thing. lol hmmm is it serious? hmm u tell me.

i have an addiction for a hmm a car. hahaha. i just love 
MYVI S.E!!! aaaarrrrggghhh!!! its so cool. kreta tu sgt2 la cntk.
seriously i have to own it one day. and i will. argh!!! cntk la..

dgn sharp edge ny. FUUHHH!! pika klu nmpk ja myvi mest 'ha!! 2 myvi se cntk ooooooo'
hahahahaha.. ayh pika gelak ja..haa... 
 tgk la myvi ats uh... 2 la myvi se. cntk gilak oooo... kn2...!!!

hehehehe now tgk dpn die lak.

 yeah bebeh!! now kt tepi dia... aaaa....
my dream car. u will be mine!!! 
seriously one day. one day u will be mine.

haaaa...k now im out of ideas what to write on my blog..
hmmm do u guys have any ideas?? hehehe why dont u give some.
hehehehehe...it would be fun...
MYVI S.E is the best of the best!

scream by pika!